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Remote user interface and access

Simply point a web browser at the IP address of a correctly configured OptiView XG Tablet to retrieve saved reports and capture files. You can also install a Remote User Interface (UI) and use your PC to remotely access an OptiView XG over a TCP connection. Once the Remote UI is installed, simply give the interface the IP address of the OptiView XG and see the default dashboards. You can then create your own remote dashboards to get your own view of the network.

Communications between the OptiView XG and Remote UI can be encrypted. A single portable OptiView XG will support thirty-two remote sessions for collaborative troubleshooting or opening of multiple sessions on a PC to provide a remote “NOC” view. The OptiView XG features a separate management port for “out-of-band management” independent of the network under test port. When using the remote interface, all dashboards created are stored on the user’s PC, allowing further customization for each remote user.

User accounts

Through the user accounts screen, you can add and modify security information for each individual OptiView XG user to prevent unauthorized use of certain features for compliance with regulatory requirements. This also allows users access to powerful troubleshooting features such as SNMP, while keeping the community strings hidden. Features that can be disabled include packet capture and decode, traffic generation, remote user interface and OptiView XG configuration.

Context sensitive help

Help is contextually linked to each screen in the OptiView XG. While that help screen is displayed, you may select other information from the table of contents, choose an index entry, or perform a full text search on any help topic or term.

Removable hard drives

See what’s happening on your classified network by connecting one single tool that ensures any sensitive data stored on your network analyzer’s hard drive never leaves that environment. Network information discovered by the OptiView XG Tablet can be stored on the removable hard drive, allowing the OptiView XG to be moved from classified environments of different levels and between classified and unclassified systems by simply removing and replacing the hard drive. Extra, pre-configured drives are available separately.

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